Can you believe that this is my first time seeing an owl in real life?

I've been lucky enough to see sharks and other neat creatures in their natural habitat, now the owl. The animal bucket list is getting shorter. Only orangutans and wild horses remain (hopefully one day in the plains of Mongolia before I die I'll hang out with wild horses...a girl can dream, no?). Not that I wouldn't cherish other species, but these are a must for me.

Unfortunately, this little fella was hurt. No visible sign of trauma but the fact that he just sat there for a long time confirms that he was in some sort of pain. Plus, a passer by told me that he'd seen lots of the owl's feathers on the other side of the road, so it's very likely that he got hit by a car. Now what kind of individual would hit something, anything, and not stop to see about the damage and how to fix it?

Blows my mind.

I called Audubon but we were out of their normal area, so animal control was going to come and see about this guy. I hope that they actually help heal him rather than just euthanizing him, but even that would beat a slow and painful demise.

Breaks my heart. Absolutely breaks my heart.

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Susan said...

How sad. My sister works for a vet and animal control has brought many injured pets into her clinic for rehab if possible. Let's hope this little fella can be saved...he's beautiful!

GetSoiled said...

Hi Susan, lovely to see (hear, read) you again! Please give your sis a hug and a huge thank you from all of us animal lovers!
I am going to call the same place I called yesterday later today to find out his fate. Hope I hear good news!

Heiko said...

We found a young owl that couldn't fly yet outside our house the other day. It must have fallen off the church tower on it's first attempt to fly. It was big already and the anxious mother was flying overhead and calling it. We figured it best to leave it alone so that the mother could come to it's assistance. It was already too big to be prey for a cat. Next day we heard calls from a disused balcony. The mother evidently managed to get her little one back to safety.

GetSoiled said...

Oh, a Catholic owl? Oh dear child, the good Lord has saveth it!

I totally agree with you and the nature theory. In most cases. Except when an adult animal is hit by a car and is suffering :I

Glad to hear your owlette made it! ☺