Painted Bunting

These little guys are known for being polygamists. Here he is pictured with his main lady. The lady lovah' was kicked off the feeder by the wife just mere seconds before this shot was taken. Oh women!
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Heiko said...

Are they Mormons? You might wanna watch out for that. Next they'll be knocking on your door and asking you if you've found Jesus... :)

GetSoiled said...

oh my...it took me a long time to register the mormon reference...ha! Cuz the bigamy...I got it...yeah. Like five days later...oh you funny fella!

By the way, this will shock you: I was a mormon for almost two years...in my younger days...seeking for meaning in life and the like...now I am just a plain ol' christian...I know you and I are probably not on the same page but maybe, just maybe, one day *I* will knock on your door and ask you some existential questions...and a glass of wine :)

Heiko said...

Looking forward to it... I once lived in the same building as the church of the Jehova's Witnesses. We were the only ones in town who didn't have them knocking on our door.

GetSoiled said...

I wonder why!

If I was one of the Jehova's Witnesses (or any other denomination for that matter) I'd go by your place every single day. Twice a day. HA! :P