Painted bunting

For the last six years or so, there's been quick sightings of these birds in our back garden. Most winters we'd see one come by one or two days and then they'd disappear.

This is the first year they (him, his wife, and his lover) have stayed. It's been about a month now of daily sightings. Amazing. We suspect they may be having their kids in our back garden.
Cheers to that!

PS: this would have never happened if we kept just the water hogging grass that was (the only thing) here when we bought the house.

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Susan said...

How lucky to have them in your garden. I'm hoping to see them in mine someday.

Patrice said...

Hello my southern friend! Your Buntings are so beautiful.

I am happy to "see" you and to know you are doing better. I was offline for so long and am finally back as well. Recovering from knee surgery and walking with a cane. My beautiful bird painting still gives me a smile each time I walk past it.

Oh - and love the spider shot too!

GetSoiled said...

Hi Susan, I'll give them your address :)

Patrice! Hola chiqui :) I am so sorry to hear about your knees & hope you are feeling all better by now...you are so sweet to have adopted my birdie! And by the way, your trees always get many many many compliments from everybody...i so adore them!