New birds & a hummer first

Just to the north west corner of our front garden sits this beautiful oak tree:

My desk in my studio/office window looks directly towards it. Yesterday as evening (and a nice storm) approached I looked up, as us bird lovers always do, and noticed what must have been 40 to 50 birds I'd never seen before. And here they are, bad pictures (it was very dark--and truth be told, user error too)but still you can get a sense of how lovely these creatures are. We later found out these are cedar waxwings and they usually do travel in large groups...also, probably the reason we never noticed them before is that they usually stay very high up on trees and subsist on berries and insects (thus, they never come down to our feeders). Google them for a cool decent close up pic, they are truly striking.

Lastly, as a note to self I saw for the very first time a ruby throated hummingbird two days ago (we usually see different species but never RTs) too fast to grab the camera and take a pic. Oh bahamba!

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