Note to Self & the fantastic Asian winged bean experiment (the beans are fantastic, not the experiment...well...not yet anyway)

That's what I felt like after all that work.

(Pardon the gross mold-ridden shed my neighbors have graced our views with)

About the plantings, in case you have enough time to go through the list below (although, full disclaimer, this is a 'note to self') keep in mind that I do not follow the supposedly tried and true planting schedules. One, because we are in Florida, most rules are out the window. Two, because I have had more success following my gut than someone else's notion of what'll will work in our garden.

We have a nice little microclimates. Some areas get frozen to death in the winter. Some get scorched in summer. Thankfully we also have pockets in which plants have enough sun to grow healthy and enough shade not to bolt or taste bitter.

I even play around with planting times when it comes to some day-length sensitive plants like my absolute favorite: Asian winged bean. Last season we had the best meals out of our little plants. They taste like nothing I've ever eaten...but the best part is their consistency...soft in the middle and deliciously crunchy on the outside. Their germination rate is famously horrible. For me this has been easily worked with: I soak my seeds for 48 hours (as opposed to the 24 hours suggested). Some seeds will plump up, those are the ones I plant. Of those, I always get 100% germination rate. I discard the smaller seeds right away because I know they won't sprout.

One more note on Asian winged bean: since it is day-length sensitive I know I won't get any beans until the fall, but I am experimenting to see if by getting the foliage nice and large our crop will be larger...should be...but we'll have to wait and see.

Organic Mammoth Sunflower
Barbados cherry
Papaya (unknown variety from neighbor)
Asparagus bean Liana (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange-SESE)
Asparagus bean Chinese Red Noodle (SESE)
Asparagus bean Purple Podded (SESE)
Collards Georgia Green (SESE)
Golden purslane (SESE)
Rosso Dandelion (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds-BK)
Cucumber Poona Kheera (BK)
Tomato Pink German Tree (BK)
Tomato Violet Jasper (BK)
Gourd Dishcloth or Luffa (BK)
Snake Melon (BK)
Eggplant Florida market (BK)
Chinese Pak Choy (BK)
Catalogna Puntarelle Dandelion (BK)
Green purslane (BK)
Canton Bok (BK)
India Spinach beet
Florida Broad Leaf Mustard
Asian winged bean (seed I saved)
Basil Mammoth
Basil Siam Queen
Asian Winged Bean (seed I saved)
Parsley Flat leaf (seed I saved)

Red King zinnia
Fruit Smoothie mix zinnia
Purity zinnia
Candy cane red on white zinnia
Dondiegos 4 o'clock
White knight shasta daisy
Aster Ocean star mix

All of these were planted between March 15 and 17.

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Mr. H. said...

I will be very interested to hear how your Poona Kheera cucumbers do, I tried growing some in 2010 and didn't get any fruits...they looked like such neat (strange) little cucs.

GetSoiled said...

Well. Our garden is better than yours so you can imagine how great ours will do.

That'll show you.

HA! Sure, I'll keep you posted...heard that if you can get them to fruit they are mighty delicious.