Our Friday

Our Friday was spent (invested, I'd say) resting and reading with my head right on this green pillow over my cozy couch...hubby was in front of me on his manly chair feet propped on his long ottoman.  Farrah Fat Bastard Fawcet (black and white cat in pic below) was at my feet mad because I was not petting her.  Moco (our aloof cat) spent her day happy to have us both near on a chair nearby and sleeping.

I tried to catch up on my books and magazines but had the hardest time because birds kept coming by and I could not waste a photo op (pics below)...our back garden sits under a thick oak canopy and thus it gets mostly shade, with some sunny spots...however, even in the sunny spots it is imposible to plant edibles because the squirrels destroy everything they touch.  In light of this, we decided not to fight them and simply stuck to a garden with shrubs, small flowering trees and other flowers...oh, and three birdfeeders and as many birdbaths.  This makes it an absolute joy to hang out and just observe for us nature addicts.  Below is a little tour.
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