...so I'll let them do the talking by posting what was on their website.

Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant

The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant is based on a solar kitchen concept where cooking is by pure solar energy. The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant rethinks our perception of the kitchen, of cooking, of food, of drink and all of these in relation to nature. The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant invites you to relax and enjoy in a new and exciting way.

The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant aims to follow the sun through Europe this summer, visiting a range of cities where it will present this extraordinary culinary concept. Joining forces to bring this about are world-acclaimed Catalan designer Martí Guixé, Finnish food visionary Antto Melasniemi and Lapin Kulta beer.

Opening during Milan Design Week 2011 in April, the Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant will celebrate the sun, gourmet cooking, beer, life and art on its trail towards the never-setting summer sun of the Arctic Circle.

The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant will be built around a solar kitchen, where the food will be cooked using only alternative energy: the sun. Unlike the traditional way of cooking, solar heat affects the taste and texture of the dish in a surprising and positive way, producing a completely different taste experience.

You are invited to follow the construction of the Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant at locations including Milan, Stockholm and Helsinki. You will be able to watch the cooking process and finally to enjoy the food along with Lapin Kulta beer and great company.

An environmental and gastronomic art project as well as a gourmet eatery, the Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant highlights key contemporary themes: a nature-driven process, flexibility and immediacy. Depending on the day’s sunshine, the nature-driven kitchen will be able to serve a solar barbecue, meals prepared at lower temperatures or salads. The restaurant will therefore also test people’s flexibility: if it rains, we have to adapt, reschedule and deal with the nature-dependent delays. Immediacy will be evident in the urgency of movements and decisions, and real-time information: a cloud could change the course of a business lunch!

The Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen Restaurant opens at Triennale di Milano 12.4-17.4.2011 and continues to other cities.

****And now tell me if you would not love to eat this guy's food but also to sit around with a beer or a glass of wine and listen to him talk... I want to be his friend!*****

Antto Melasniemi

Antto Melasniemi

Born in 1975, Antto Melasniemi is a hospitality and culinary expert, facilitator and concept director renowned for his highly praised projects like pop-up restaurant HEL YES! in London. He also runs the restaurants Ateljé Finne and Kuurna in Helsinki and has recently worked for clients such as Artek, Iittala,


Dani said...

Bravo - brilliant, just brilliant! Cooking is all about slow food, not fast food. I have not tried a parabolic solar cooker, but could not, and do not, live without my solar oven!

Thanks for sharing :)

Mr. H. said...

Pretty cool, all of it...especially how Antto catches his fish. I'm half Finnish you know, but no one ever taught me how to fish like that. Very interesting.

Seriously though, the whole solar cooking concept is quite fascinating to me and I can only imagine what wonderful meals are served up in the solar kitchen restaurant...now if we just had a little sunshine once in a while so I could make an attempt at it myself.

GetSoiled said...

Hi Dani, you *do* have a solar oven? That is terrific. I'll pop by your blog a tad later to check on pics and info. Thanks for stopping by...I wish I could go to Milan for the expo...

GetSoiled said...

Mr. H.--Hey you, don't talk to me until you learn to fish like Antto.

Anto knocked you down a few notches from my cool-o-meter. So sorry.

I know, right? Ah-mazing. Plus they work with the weather rather than fighting nature...on cloudy days they focus more on raw stuff...sunnier days cooked meals. Genius.

I don't think Finland gets enough credit for being such a forward (or backwards, but in a good way) thinkers as far as environmental issues goes...plus they have some of my fave textile and furniture designers...plus...(my last plus, I promise) have you ever heard them speak? It is like soft music. One of my closest friends is from there and I was always asking her to talk to me in her native tongue.

Okay, can you believe I haven't even had my morning coffee yet???