The unintended potato patch

Here is the unintended potato patch I yapped about below.

This is the south part of the house and it is just a tiny stretch of soil. Towards the front of it are the raised beds and that's where our veggies and some berries go. Against the house are a dwarf mango, citrus, Barbados cherries...and many other yummy things.

This unglamorous part toward the back is where a large compost pile resides (it is to the right of the pic). Every day I snoop around it and inside of it a bit. Love it. Towards the very very back is where we'll build two more compost piles.

Since my experience with the potatoes growing so well in and around the current compost pile at the front I decided to experiment with it this year. It will remain as it is with all the sarpo mira and purple Peruvian potatoes (pics below) growing in it. When done harvesting those I'll really start the experiment: I am going to put about a foot or so of soil, perhaps some material to hold it all in place and then I'll plant some veggies and herbs and see what happens.

PS: it just occurred to me that this is quite like what Heiko is doing in his garden in a sense...check it out here.
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Mr. H. said...

Isn't is fascinating how certain plants, no matter how hard we try, only seem to thrive when left to their own devices. Rutabagas are that way with me, I plant them and they don't do well at all but I am forever finding beautiful specimens that have volunteered in other places throughout the gardens...crazy plants.

Everything looks so warm and green, we will be over next week for a vacation away from the cold. Well maybe not, who would feed our chickens.:) As always, your pictures look amazing...love the picture of leaves with beads of water hanging off the edges.

GetSoiled said...

Yeah, I was pretty blown away. I mean, these particular potatoes were growing in the compacted. So jealous I cannot grow rutabagas...but other non edible plants that work the same way for me are passion vines & pagoda flowers, whenever I give them to people as pups or cuttings I have to tell them that the first year they are going to think I gave them crap because they *will* look dead in no time. But the following year they will pop up multiplied (as it is their nature anyhow) and in other places in their garden.

Plants are the bosses. We are just pretend-managing them.

Thanks for the last comment too Mr. H. That pic with the reddish leaves and last night's rain drops (they never look like that if one sprinkles them with the hose, have you noticed? I know because I've tried) is a rose bush. I find its leaves as interesting as its flowers.

GetSoiled said...

BTW, MR. H. if you come back, would you let me know if you ever had thrown your hands in the air and just planted a bunch of stuff on the compost pile?

GetSoiled said...

Forgot to tell you: I'll feed your chickens! :) You come on over with the family mister!