A Farmstead Pilgrimage... said...

Hi! I found you over at Mr. H's place. I liked your comments, and decided to take a look over here.

I really like your E.B.White quote (top of blog)! I seem to find myself leaning heavily in that view these days.

I'll be back to read!

Enjoy the day!

GetSoiled said...

Hi Kris!

So sorry for the delayed response :( I've been such a bad bad blogger of late that I truly did not expect any comments so I did not check to see anything that needed to be published in a long long time.

Feel free to put the EB quote in your lovely blog (yes, I did pay a visit and it quite amazing...all that space you have and how well you guys manage it!)...I'll be coming by your blog again shortly.

Take care & thanks so much for the sweet comment you left us with.