I've been wondering...

...if I should switch to WordPress. Blogger is driving me nuts, every time I get the hang of something they switch it around, now for some odd reason Picasa does not have the "blog it" feature for the photos and loading pics from the blog itself takes way too long.

So there, that is the main reason I've not been blogging much since my reappearance. We've also feverishly been painting the exterior of our house. No small task. We went from a baby poop washed out green to a glorious chalk gray which, as opposed to the poopy green, makes for a great background color for pics and is just much more eye-pleasing...well, to us at least. Every single neighbor that has passed by has said no more than a meager "Oh. You are painting your house."

That's it.

So the neighbors don't seem to approve of such a radical color. We, on the other hand, feel that the house went from wearing frumpy pajamas to a crisp Italian pin-stripe suit. The gray says a manly man lives here & the bright yellow door says that that manly man shares his life with a lunatic. And that is just fine with us.

The garden, in spite of crazy heat and no rain, is flourishing. We've had fruits, berries, Poona Khera cukes (omygwad...if you live in a hot humid region these are for you people! even cuke haters love these!), all sorts of beans, dark greens, even the lettuce is tasting mighty fine well into May. I won the battle (at least for now) with tomato horn worms. I picked them (and their eggs) from the tomato plants twice a day for two weeks and now it seems as if the worms decided that fighting the lunatic with the yellow door was just not worth it. Score.

The handsome built me some kick tail trellises for the cukes, beans, loofah, etc...and they are looking and working so great. We made them out of 4x4s and plain ol' cattle fencing. It is much sturdier than the garbage they sell already made (which rusts and disintegrates within a few years)and I also like its looks. So much so that we have plans to build a fence around the front gardens (on both sides of the house)with cattle fence as well. So sad that we have to incur on this additional expense just because owners let their large (and aggressive) dogs roam around freely...

One more gardening update: don't kill yer ants if you can help it. I'll post some more later but ants ain't that bad. Been reading quite a bit about them because I had the organic stuff to try and rid certain areas of the garden off them...but then I kept making excuses to do it some other time, had a nagging feeling that it was not smart to do so. Turns out that ants are the sharks of the soil. We have all been defending and caring for dolphins in the wild for eons...but sharks are a more recent story of stewardship...misunderstood creatures that they were (still are by many)...I think we've been defending and farming worms for a long time, canonizing them as the Saints of the Soil. Turns out ants, in spite of their negatives (seed stealing, aphids body-guarding & humans pain-inflicter)ants do wonders for the underground. They are amazing air-aerators & in their own ways enrich the soil.

Misunderstood creatures that they still are.

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