Garden Conquistador

...and I don't mean it as a compliment.  This plant, while stunning when in bloom & being so undemanding, will take over your entire garden. 

I planted ours on the outside of our back fence- as a winter nectar source for the hummingbirds- about a year ago.  Today, the plant has innocently lied down, like the damsel in distress she is not, set root aggressively & faint/walked her way to our front garden...about 25 feet away.  In one year. 

So unless you'll be very vigilant and have the patience to uproot it (without leaving any root bits behind) and keep it in check, or keep it in a pot, I'd say two thumbs down for this Missy.  This is for Central Florida, I am thinking that in areas where it gets colder in winter, North Florida and up, perhaps the cold itself keeps it in check.

Oh, its official name: Cape Honeysuckle or Tecoma Capensis.
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