The hummers love to hang out at the top of our Sweet Almond Bush. 

Smart birds that they are, they just sit there and take advantage of the insane amount of small insects that come to its sweet-scented white flowers...I watched in amazement to see the hummer, apparently at rest,  every so often simply open its mouth to let the confused bugs fly right in. 

Clever.  Very clever.

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Patrice said...

I didn't know hummers ate bugs!!! I thought they were vegans...

Lovely photo...

GetSoiled said...

Hi Patrice!!! So nice to hear from you! I say "hear" because I see your painting everyday as it hangs in our bedroom. Oh, can't tell you enough how much we love it!

And yes, they do eat bug, they need to eat protein to build their own muscles...so they eat both pollen & bugs. Omnivorous.

Thanks for coming by! I will pay you a visit today too to see how you are and what kinds of wonderful art you've been cooking up :)