Who am I to blow against the wind?

Yes, the words of the great Paul Simon seem to resonate these days when food wants to swallow our home...or perhaps the vegs want to cooperate and walk themselves onto the cutting board?

You know what's even better than this?

Baked mashed potatoes.

A Revelation.

Two nights ago whilst prepping dinner I looked at those gorgeous spuds and thought --Why would I want to let their nutrients wash away with their water?   So instead of boiling them I baked them whole and then I put them in a cast iron pot and smashed the heck out of them with a tiny bit of butter & milk.  Added some garlic powder, salt & pepper, a pinch of freshly ground nutmeg (yes, fresh ground does make a difference) and called it a day.

Holy Cow.  Holy Flying Cows.

I could eat those for the rest of my days.

So amazingly creamy...and for the vegetarians out there: the skins (I always leave them on) become kind of leathery whilst in the oven so you get this lovely 'meaty' surprise in the mix that is just lusciously chewy.

Make them!!!  And then email me how much you love me.

Just before this post I Googled "Baked mashed potatoes" just because I've been known to think I am so clever about my discoveries only to find out I was just years behind what the rest of the world knows...not this time.  All baked mashed potato recipes I saw have the potatoes being boiled until soft as the first step.

So take that Google.  This time I won.

The taters were specially wonderful because we ate them with sauteed baby loofah, broccoli stems (which taste quite different from the florets), carrots, onions & garlic.  All of it sauteed with a splash of maple syrup, spices (thyme, ground ginger, garam masala & coriander) and at the very end I added a generous splash of ponzu.   So Good. 

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